It Works ProFit Shake Recipes

It Works ProFit shakes come in vanilla and chocolate and you can add some healthy ingredients to each to make them taste even yummier that they are plain.

I usually replace soy with Almond milk because I like the taste better.  The other one that isn’t on here that I like is taking a Vanilla shake and adding a Starbucks Via coffee pack to it. :)UltimateBlueberrySmoothie



It Works ProFit Acai Smoothie

It Works ProFit Almond Shake Recipe

It Works ProFit Chocolate Cherry Shake RecipeIt Works ProFit Chocolate Macaroon Shake Recipe

It Works ProFit Chocolate Mint Shake RecipeIt Works ProFit Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake RecipeIt Works ProFit Mocha Shake RecipeIt Works ProFit Orange Shake RecipeIt Works ProFit Strawberry Shake RecipeIt Works ProFit Berry Greens RecipeprofitpancakesBananaCream CafeMocha520025_n ChocPeanutButter980908_n PeachyKeen79648_n603894_10153274190280541_1588534498_n1374096_684686534875791_1594812069_nprofitcranberryspiceprofiteggnog

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