It Works Customer Loyalty Program

Purchase It Works products at wholesale prices by becoming an It Works Loyal Customer!

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When you sign up as a loyal customer you get the wholesale price and you are committing to placing an order for a minimum of three months. You are not required to order the same product and there are no minimum dollar amounts. For example…your first order could be for two boxes of wraps and a defining gel and your second order could be for a bottle of fat fighter.

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We love our loyal customers!

Some of the benefits of our loyal customer program include:

  • Free shipping in the U.S. on orders over $125.
  • Wholesale pricing is available from your very first order.
  • Perks Points available immediately. (10% toward a future order)
  • Free standard shipping in the U.S. on all autoship orders after your fourth autoship.
  • Ability to monitor your account online. Access to edit orders and track shipping.
  • Free membership to our Fit Works community.
  • 30 days to share your link…refer new loyal customers and earn free product!

Once a loyal customer, always a loyal customer!

Once you complete your three-month autoship commitment you may pause it and you will always be able to order at the loyal customer price.

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Loyal Customer Starter Packs!


We have 3 great starter packages

  • Wrap Pack – Our Wrap Pack comes with a box of 4 body applicators and a mini size defining gel. The defining gel is an excellent pairing to our applicator and helps improve results. It has similar ingredients, but is not as concentrated. You can use it from the chin down every day.
  • Skinny Pack – The Skinny Pack is the most popular and that comes with a box of 4 applicators, a full size defining gel and a bottle of fat fighters. The fat fighter is what I call my cheat pill. I have them in my purse all the time and often share them with friends. I take my fat fighters after I eat a not so healthy meal and they work to bind with the fat in my stomach as it starts to separate so it reduces the amount of fat/carbs I am metabolizing. They work in your stomach, not your colon so there is no need to carry around a change of clothes.
  • It Pack – The It Pack includes a box of Wraps, a box of Facials, Berry Greens, Defining Gel and Lip & Eye Cream. Our Greens are one of our most popular supplements. If you’ve ever had traditional greens, they can taste like freshly cut grass, but ours tastes like orange or berry. Our Greens are loaded with your 8+ servings of fruits and vegetables and now have probiotics. The Greens work to get your body to that state of alkalinity that it needs to perform at its optimal level. Our Lip & Eye cream is ahhhhhhhhh the best I have ever tried!!

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The Details!

By signing up as an It Works loyal customer you are agreeing to make a purchase for 3 months through an auto-ship program.  You CAN change your order.  You are not required to order the same product each month, but if you do not edit your order then the same thing you ordered will be shipped to you on your anniversary date each month. (The date you signed up is your anniversary date.)
As a loyal customer, you will be issued a client ID number and password where you can log in to the website and track or edit your order.

Once you have completed your 3 month commitment you must cancel It Works directly and ask them to stop your auto-ship otherwise you will continue to get an order.  You can cancel by calling customer service or online through your account.

After the 3 month obligation is complete you will always be able to order at the wholesale price without any future monthly commitments.  If a year passes and you want to order a box of applicators at $59, then you can by simply logging in to your website or calling in the order.

*No minimum price or quantity restrictions per order. You simply must have at least one product in your monthly auto-ship order for three consecutive months. If you cancel your Loyal Customer membership prior to fulfilling the three-month auto-ship minimum, you will be charged a one-time $50 (USD) fee.

US Customers Stay on Auto-ship and become eligible for free shipping after your 4th order.