Best Exercises to Really Define Your Abs

If you want to get defined abs, you’ve got some hard work ahead of you. Fortunately, if you choose the right targeted exercises, you’ll be well on your way. Pair these with a healthy diet and fat burning exercise for the awesome definition in the least time. Plank The basic plank pose looks just like […]

5 Best Arm Exercises

Ever found yourself choosing a t-shirt over a tank top just to hide the extra flab on your upper arms? Do your arms wave goodbye along with your hand? How about seeing a photo of yourself taken from the side and being horrified at what your arms look like? If so, you’re not alone. Weight […]

World’s Strangest Skin Care Techniques

Here in America, we do some strange things for beauty. Some are techniques rooted in ancient cultures, while others were born of modern science. Strange skin care techniques involve weird ingredients and unbelievable procedures. We can’t tell you how well they work, but we can promise you they’re strange. Placenta Face Mask Usually created from […]

2014 It Works Top Money Earner

It Works Global was my first direct sales company. My first pay check was under $25 and then 5 1/2 years later this happened! I walked across the stage as the #12 money earner in the entire company AND was inducted in to the Millionaires Club. Words can’t describe how I felt.  This was one […]