Barbara Boser

World’s Strangest Skin Care Techniques

Here in America, we do some strange things for beauty. Some are techniques rooted in ancient cultures, while others were born of modern science. Strange skin care techniques involve weird ingredients and unbelievable procedures. We can’t tell you how well they work, but we can promise you they’re strange. Placenta Face Mask Usually created from […]

2014 It Works Top Money Earner

It Works Global was my first direct sales company. My first pay check was under $25 and then 5 1/2 years later this happened! I walked across the stage as the #12 money earner in the entire company AND was inducted in to the Millionaires Club. Words can’t describe how I felt.  This was one […]

5 Healthy Holiday Gifts

Few gifts are more thoughtful and useful than healthy ones. Healthy gifts don’t have to break your budget, either, so don’t believe you can’t find something they’ll love without shelling out hundreds of dollars. Whether your loved one is extremely health conscious or just looking to get healthier in 2015, you can help them meet […]

It Works Social Media Tips

Hi team. I hope you enjoy this video on 25 ideas I have about things you can post on your social media statuses to help keep people interested in your It Works business. We want to be leaders in the industry not spammers, so please protect your brand and ours. Engage positively with the world […]

Ways to Eat Healthy on Black Friday

  It’s Black Friday. Your alarm wakes you up when it’s still dark. You throw on some clothes, maybe grab a coffee, and stagger out the door. Sound familiar? If you’re going to kick off the Christmas shopping season bright and early, you’ll need to fuel up somehow to keep going through the day. Breakfast […]

Don’t Let Thanksgiving Ruin Your Diet – 5 Ways You Can Substitute Something Healthy

You can have a magnificent Thanksgiving feast, without piling up the calories. If you’re watching your waistline this holiday season, use smart substitutions to keep your diet on track while enjoying your meals. Turkey day offers ample opportunity to make food choices you won’t regret. Swap: Mashed Potatoes for Mashed Cauliflower If you haven’t tried […]

5 Ways to Reduce Stress During the Holidays

Increased spending, tense visits with extended family, and crowds everywhere you go. Blissful memories of holidays past that you can never seem to quite recapture. Sure, the holidays do have their high points, but for many of us they’re an incredibly stressful time of year. How can you stay calm through the storm? Keep Up […]

Why Chia Seeds Should Become Part Of Your Diet

If you were alive during the 1980s, you probably remember Chia Pet®. Maybe you even had one of your own. If you associate chia seeds with those silly products, you might be very surprised to learn that the seeds have myriad health benefits. They’re surprisingly easy to include in your regular diet, too. What Are […]

The Latest Health Craze: The Paleolithic Diet

  When several books about Paleolithic eating became best-sellers, this diet was catapulted into the forefront of health and fitness media. You have surely heard of it. You probably have a friend or two who tried it, but do you really know what a Paleolithic Diet is? Is it truly good for you? Should you […]

Workouts You Can Do While The Kids Are At Practice

Trying to fit in time for a workout between getting your kids to all their extracurriculars can feel impossible. Your family’s jam-packed fall schedule means you have less time to fit in a workout. Fear not. You can get a workout while your kids are at practice. Make Your Health a Priority When it comes […]