Barbara Boser

Oil Pulling: The New Oral Hygiene Craze

Another “new” ancient health practice has become popular in America. In ancient Ayurvedic medicine, oral health was managed in several ways, such as chewing on certain types of sticks and swishing with oil. How do you do oil pulling? Does it work? What Is It? Known more traditionally by the terms Kavala Graha and Gandusha, […]

The Endless Benefits of Coconut Oil

The Internet is rife with unproven claims about coconut oil. It has become so popular that some pharmacies have even begun stocking coconut oil in their vitamin and supplement aisles. No doubt coconut oil has many uses and benefits, but how can you possibly know which claims are true and why? Start by learning what […]

Ways to Beat Tax Time Stress

For many of us, Tax Season is a four letter word. By now, you might be starting to keep mental list of everything you want to change about filing taxes next year. Before you get ahead of yourself, do something to beat your stress right now. File Even if You Can’t Pay, Do Not Put […]

It Works Global Road to Diamond Task 45

Time to make a Facebook ad! Task 44

It Works Global Road to Diamond Task 44

Memory Jogger Complete the Eric Worre Memory Jogger assignment.  Click here. Task 43 Task 45

It Works Global Road to Diamond Task 43

Lead Boxes Find 10 local businesses that will let you place a lead box on their counter. :) Task 42 Task 44

It Works Global Road to Diamond Task 42

Walking Blitz Card! Learning to live the blitz can be challenging for some. However, your task today is to create a Blitzing Lanyard for yourself to wear while your out and about to get people asking you what the crazy wrap thing is! To complete this task you must have one of your blitz cards […]

It Works Global Road to Diamond Task 41

Recruit 20 in 30 One of my favorite leaders in the direct sales space is Eric Worre. His webinar on recruiting 20 people in 30 days is extremely valuable if you want to do something extraordinary for your business. Here is were you can enroll to get Eric’s email’s… He has also added some […]

It Works Global Road to Diamond Task 40

Connect With Your Loyal Customers! Task 39 Task 41

Tips to Stay Active at the Office

Trapped in your office or cubicle all day? If you leave the office feeling stiff and sluggish from spending all day in a chair, you need to get up and move around. By following some simple tips to create a more active workday, you can stay healthy at your desk. Try a Pedometer You probably […]